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KEI SASAKI architects  Japan 佐々木慧 佐々木けい 建築 デザイン 福岡 日本


Atago Nursery












写真:中村絵 (特記以外全て)

The concept of this project is to build a nursery according to the terrain. In other words, instead of digging on the slope and violently placing a rectangular parallelepiped building, we decided the shape of the building along the slope.
This building is a nursery for about 140 children aged 0 to 6 years.

We arranged seven children's rooms in the shape of a trace of the site, and placed stairs at the place where there was a small mountain road originally.
The inner wall on the slope side of the building functions as a retaining wall, and the walls separating the rooms are embedded in the direction orthogonal to the retaining wall as a rib-structure. It plays the role of both pillars and beams.

The client's request was to create a space like nature where children can play all day. So we created a variety of natural-shaped spaces by designing architecture that match the terrain. As a result, this building looks like the three-dimensional and diverse cityscape that is characteristic of Nagasaki City where it’s site.


Architect : Kei Sasaki / INTERMEDIA

​Structural Design : Mika Araki / Jun Sato Structural Engineer Co.Ltd
Equipment Design : Seed design Engineer Co.Ltd
Lighting Plan : LIGHT・PLAN
Location : Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, JAPAN
Project Year : 2016
Category : Nursery  
Photographs : Kai Nakamura