①Achievements of Sou Fujimoto's office 

I led a design team at Sou Fujimoto's office, and worked on a wide variety of projects around the world, from houses to large complexes. In addition to the following, I have worked on many unreleased works.

<Residential Architecture>

・Villa Aoyama

・Social housing of Komagome(http://www.kanai-planning.com/somei.html)

・House and store of Maebashi

 Many other unreleased works..

<Public & Commercial Architecture>

・Ishinomaki Culture center (Published by GA JAPAN 155)

 Many other unreleased works (ex. Hotel, Complex, Office, Facade design and interior of large shopping mall etc)

<Interior & Exhibition

・JINS coworking space「Think Lab」(https://okan-media.jp/2017/12/06/workstyle-jins-thinklab/)

・HOUSEVISION2016 (Exhibition)(http://house-vision.jp/exhibition/)

・JapanHouse:SouFujimoto Exhibition   in Los Angels, Sao Paulo and London


・Craft Sake Week2017 (Temporal Installation)(http://craftsakeweek.com/2017/index.html)

・Kyoto City Museum Van cleef & Apels Exhibitionhttps://luxe.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/curiosity/061400003/)

​ Many other unreleased works..

<Proposal & Competition>

・Ishinomaki Culture center  First prize (Published by GA JAPAN 155)

・Design Proposal of the Mountaintop Facility in Yashima Second prize

・New Kagawa Prefectural gymnasium Forth prize


 Many other unreleased works..

②Achievements of INTERMEDIA

Since 2013, I have led various architectural projects at INTERMEDIA.

Then I became independent as KEISASAKI ARCHITECTS from 2018, but continue to collaborate on many projects still now on.


・House of Isahaya

・House of Nagasaki


<Public Architecture>

・Atago Nursery(Published by Archdaily, designboom etc)

・Idegawachi Nursery(Ureshino city, Saga/Completed at 2016 /620㎡ )

・Fukuda Nursery(Nagasaki city, Nagasaki/Completed at 2014/ 989㎡)

・Church of Isahaya(Published by Shinkenchiku March 2016)

・Nagasaki Prefectural Library and Local document Center(in progress)

(Published by Shinkenchiku April 2019)

​ etc


・obstétrics and gỳnecólogy Clinic of Nagasaki ​


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