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KEI SASAKI architects  Japan 佐々木慧 佐々木けい 建築 デザイン 福岡 日本


Fukuda Nursery

















写真:中村絵 (特記以外全て)

This project is a nursery school in Nagasaki. In nursery school, two different dimensions and activities exist: children and adults. However, this kind of buildings are usually planned on an adult basis, and children's dimensions and activities are resolved as furniture, finishing and fittings. We felt that these architectures were not friendly to children.


Therefore, the concept of this project is to create a friendly space for both children and adults.

First of all we put the unevenness on the architecture cross section and provided the space of the adult around the ceiling and the space of the child around the floor.


The unevenness of the ceiling and floor became storages, spaces for children's small rooms, and equipment. And the ceiling height was changed to adjust the volume according to the character of the place.


There is a storage area where only adults can reach near the ceiling, also the space near the floor is spacious with no obstacles and allowing children to run around as they like. Then the view from the adult that overlooks the whole, and the view from the child is a cozy space surrounded by a bookshelf.


We carefully understood the dimensions and activity of both children and adults, and superimposed them together in this building. From previous adult-centric architecture,  the possibility of nursery school architecture will be greatly expanded by this architecture that both adults and children are centered.


In addition, we made and published a picture book to explain to children the process of building and the concept of design after completion. When the children noticed that the place they were in and the building that appeared in the picture book were the same, they were very happy and found a new value of the space.


Architect : Kei Sasaki / INTERMEDIA

Structural Design : Mika Araki / Jun Sato Structural Engineer Co.Ltd

Equipment Design : Seed design Engineer Co.Ltd

Lighting Plan : LIGHT・PLAN

Location : Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, JAPAN

Project Year : 2014

Category : Nursery  

Photographs : Kai Nakamura

Area: 989㎡

Client: Sanwafukushi-kai