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KEI SASAKI architects  Japan 佐々木慧 佐々木けい 建築 デザイン 福岡 日本


Idegawachi Nursery

(on another site)


佐賀県嬉野市の住宅街、この地に200 年以上の歴史を持つ寺院に隣接して建つ保育園の新築計画。寺の住職は、この保育園の園長先生でもある。しぜんと、町と寺の双方の風景になじんだ建築が求められた。








The site is a residential area and the client asked for a new construction plan for a nursery built next to a buddist temple which has a more than 200 year’s history. The priest who is the client is also the director of this nursery school. Naturally the client asked for an architecture that was familiar with the scenery of residential area and temple.


At first impression, the scenery of this city looks miscellaneous. However, when examining the history from the old maps, it was found that the two grids of the area clearly organized by land readjustment and the irregular area based on the previous terrain were mixed. The temple is naturally along the old grid as it exists from ancient times, but it is expected that buildings other than the temple will be organized into new sections in the future. In addition, site of nursery school is located at the end of temple and it is also contact point with town and temple.


Therefore, the concept of this project is the form of architecture that smoothly connects the old grid and the new grid after the arrangement.

Finally we could design a plan of a nursery school which was built between a parmanent temple and a changing city.


Architect : Kei Sasaki / INTERMEDIA

Structural Design : Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineer Co.Ltd

Equipment Design : Seed design Engineer Co.Ltd

Lighting Plan : LIGHT・PLAN

Location : Ureshino City, Ureshino, JAPAN

Project Year : 2016

Category : Nursery

Photographs : Kai Nakamura


Client: Keyaki-kai