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KEI SASAKI architects  Japan 佐々木慧 佐々木けい 建築 デザイン 福岡 日本


Konko church in Isahaya













写真:中村絵 (特記以外全て)

This building has a church, a residence and a meeting place for believers. Usually, there are only a few believers visiting on a single day, but when there are large events more than 100 people gather. Regardless of religion, ordinary people gather regularly to practice dance, and children gather on their way home from school to hold study sessions in this building.

Depending on the situation, the residence part is also open to the believers, and the entrance is usually opened to the public. The client asked us a building which can be changed its function flexibly.


So we first placed a large place of worship in the center and attached each room such as a residence, a meeting place and a public kitchen around it. And with the movable partition, people can always connect to the place of worship from each room, making it possible to use several rooms together.


The religion of Konkokyo is that values ​​generosity. The usage of this building is generous with group and individual, public and private, inside and outside, and the main concept of the project is carefully considering how it is used this architecture.


About the construction, the church in the center is surrounded by a traditional Japanese technique, a wood lattices, which is shaped as the symbol of Konkokyo religion. In addition, it is a calculated blind for solar radiation shielding, and it is a transparent anti-seismic wall which performance has been confirmed by a performance verification test. As a seismic wall, it has been confirmed by experiments that it has a performance about 1.8 times the wall magnification.


Architect : Kei Sasaki / INTERMEDIA

Structural Design : Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineer Co.Ltd

Equipment Design : Seed design Engineer Co.Ltd

Lighting Plan : LIGHT・PLAN

Location : Isahaya City, Nagasaki, JAPAN

Project Year : 2015

Category : Church / House / Meeting place  

Photographs : Kai Nakamura